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Toddler Care

Your child is sure to have a wonderful time at our childcare center. We have various learning areas and a play yard so that your child can interact with nature.

Rest assured knowing your little one is in safe hands when they are with us. We will teach them about life skills, music, language, and a lot more.

Infant Care


You can trust us to look after your infants in the most nurturing manner possible. The teachers at The Discovery Center will make sure to provide your child with all the love and care they deserve.

We ensure a smooth transition for our already enrolled students when growing out of Toddler Care and into Preschool through this program.



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"Four years ago, I gave you a fourteen-month old toddler. You have been significant in raising her into a vibrant, intelligent, gentle child who is anxious (and by all accounts ready) to begin a new era of her life as a school child. I have learned much from all of you as I observe your gentle patience, consistent encouragement and positive discipline approach. I will never forget when Amy was beginning transition and I was nervous about the challenges of 'being a big kid.' I observed a boy at breakfast one morning spill his milk. Another child blurted the event to the teacher and I could see embarrassment and shame shroud the face of the child who spilled. For a second, my heart broke with him. The teacher calmly responded 'that's okay, he knows how to clean up his own mess.' I observed the child's face transforming as he grinned and seemed to swell with pride. He marched to retrieve paper towels, cleaned up the mess and independently poured himself a fresh cup of milk. I was reminded of the great importance in the emotional development of our children through the most seemingly insignificant events that happen throughout the day. None of you seem to forget that. You have treated Amy with respect and dignity while you have helped her develop intellectually and emotionally."

--Jennifer Heidel

Who we are

The Discovery Center is a hometown, non-profit preschool and childcare center established in 1976 that has been dedicated to providing a quality program to children ages 6 weeks to 6 years.

What sets us apart

Our school is child centered and open-ended, facilitating hands-on learning that engages all senses. We foster an environment that allows each child to become independent, growing with their individual interests as they work at their own pace--which boosters their strengths and instills self-confidence. Our schedule allows for large blocks of time each day for each child to work on and complete personal and group projects.

We Promise That




They Will Gain Problem-Solving and Conflict Negotiation skills

Learning is Made Fun for Your Little One

This is Their Home

Away from Home

We prioritize teaching children to respect and care for all living things: others, the environment, as well as themselves.

We ensure that children are not confined to one room during the day but are guided by their interests, assisted by nurturing adults, allowing them to move and learn as they desire.

We strive to keep alive in children the joy and wonder of life, learning, and the world around them.

Kind Words

Lela has had such a wonderful time at the The Discovery Center and made so many new friends. She has learned her letters and created art using lots of different artistic media. She comes home with stories about butterflies emerging from their chrysalis with crumpled wings that straighten over time, and is excited to tell us about her day. Your teachers and aides are highly trained and carefully chosen, their skill and patience show in every little interaction. I am a huge fan of your school and will forever be your advocate.

"I wanted to say thank you for the years of tender loving care you have given Melonie. The Discovery Center seems like family and it will be very difficult to leave. Under your care, Melonie has grown into a self-reliant, independent person. Her experiences at The Discovery center have given her a head start in school and in her personal relationships with other children. Thank you! We will miss you!"

--Kirsten Yohe

--Nan Morningstar

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