Our kids grow up so fast, in a blink of the eye they go from newborns to taking their first steps, then you blink again and they’re off to school, then college.

We build the foundation for these lifelong milestones...

one step at a time.

We facilitate activities that are appropriate to each individual child, appealing to sight, sound, and touch--building their motor and cognitive development.

our program

Our Infant Care Program ensures that children will be taken outside every day that the weather allows. Meals and snacks--such as milk--are included in fees; we do ask that parents provide formula or breastmilk.

Children move to the Toddler Care Program around the age of 18 months, based on developmental indicators.

Our teachers

Our staff members are warm and nurturing, experienced and educated teachers. We maintain a 1:3 teacher to child ratio that allows for each child to be held, loved, and played with as much as possible. Teachers strive to follow each parents' schedule, while daily notes keep families informed about all that happens throughout each child's day.

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