We are there every step of the way

from little toes

to first words then on

to the first day of school.


Our Teachers

Our staff fosters an environment that supports each child's individual interests and coaches their social skills while keeping physical notes of progress. Each of our teachers serves as a primary caregiver at an 1:8 ratio, spending time with each child during music, small group, and lunchtime. These teachers also operate as primary communicator with parents.


Our Program

This program is designed for toilet-trained children ages 3-6. Research shows that children learn best when activities are child initiated, hands-on, and incorporate all five of our senses. The environment is carefully structured by our teachers for exploration, discovery, and learning. Our themes are often determined by our group's interest and are changed every 2-3 weeks. This ensures that our materials are continuously fresh and that children never grow bored with the tools at hand. Preschool children are allowed to move freely among the rooms and work at their own pace during most of the preschool session.


Our Rhythm

The Science Room

The Brown Room

The Blue Room

The Art Room

Our teachers lead science experiments and collaborative cooking lessons. Independent science projects and a sensory table are available for the children to work on their own. This room also contains a dramatic play area that changes every few weeks, generally presenting a theme related to what the children are studying. This expands the child's knowledge, encourages conversation, and broadens social skills.

This area serves as our gym, with a large open space for children to move and build. We have a playhouse that features a loft and slide, a climber, large soft blocks, and a tunnel. The upper level contains constructive materials such as Duplos, driftwood, stones, and Bristle Blocks, as well as transportation toys and animals. We utilize this room for music both in the morning and the afternoon.

Teachers prepare an art project twice a day which is designed to encourage creativity while practicing fine motor skills. Additionally, materials and tools are provided for open ended creation as well as easel painting and "messy" life skills with an emphasis on the process, not product. This room is also used for breakfast, lunch and snack, where children serve themselves, allowing them to further develop their communication and fine-motor skills.

The children work individually, in small groups, or with a teacher. Many of the materials are inspired by Montessori and arranged for sequential learning, but we also encourage the students to use them in individual, interesting ways. The areas within the room include geography, language, math, reading, life skills, building, and manipulative materials.

Kind Words

“Thank you for being such a positive part of Norah's early development. We have been consistently amazed with how all of your work with the children in such a calm, caring manner and feel blessed to have found a preschool/daycare that embodies our own philosophies on letting kids be kids--exploring, playing, not afraid to spill some paint. The other day I was almost absent-mindedly reading a poem to Norah out loud that I was just reading to myself. She immediately responded 'I already know that! Bryan told me.' I had read 'Hope is the thing with feathers' by Emily Dickinson. We all have such hope for our children. Thank you for letting us share her with you for a time and for giving so much of yourselves.

- Melissa Sibbersen





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