With a wide variety of materials and endless creativity...

our teachers work to empower toddlers to see every opportunity as a means of exploring, discovering, and learning.

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Our Toddler Care Program promises that children will be taken outside each day (when weather permits), as well as taking trips to our stimulating gym to develop large motor skills. Our daily rhythm includes experiences in art, simple science, music, language, life skills, small motor, and dramatic play. All while our students begin to learn how to respect themselves, others, and the environment.

We work together with our families in toilet training when developmental markers appear in order to prepare them for preschool.

Children move to the Preschool Program at the age of 2 years, 9 months.

Our incredible teachers strive to stimulate curiosity, joy, and interest in learning, helping children to gain independence while celebrating every milestone along the way. They make it a priority to keep observational notes and developmental charts to make the progress that each child makes.

We maintain a maximum of 12 children between the ages of 18 months and 2 years, 9 months with a better than 1:4 teacher to child ratio. Our staff members are warm and nurturing, experienced and educated teachers who plan and implement activities that are appropriate for this age group.

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