While every chapter at

The Discovery Center

holds significance in your child's personal growth and learning...

our Transition Program holds great importance as it serves as a bridge between our young explorers and our preschool leaders.

Our teachers

Our transition teacher is incredibly caring and patient. She is sometimes assisted by a second teacher to maintain at least a 1:6 teacher to child ratio, ensuring that each child's needs are always met. She introduces the children to the preschool program, introducing materials, and working with children one-on-one, walking them through the various rooms to build their confidence and comfort in our preschool. Children in this group spend their time working on self-help skills such as toileting, developing the children's respect for others and the materials, as well as participating.

our program

Children already enrolled in Discovery Center will have the opportunity to join the Transition group when developmentally ready. We provide diapers, wipes, OTC lotions and creams when caring for your child, as well as cooperating with parents in toilet training. Children then move to preschool when they are totally toilet trained, are able to initiate their own activities and generally take responsibility for cleaning up their work, which is usually between the ages of 3 and 3.5.

Although students do not formally enroll into our Transition Program...

children who are part of our Toddler Program will experience this chapter at

The Discovery Center

when they are developmentally ready for this exciting next step!

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